310 Nutrition Lemonade Mixes Can Help You Lose Weight by Helping Your Body Burn More Fat


The only way to lose weight is achieve a caloric deficit which mainly refers to spending/burning more calories than you take in. This can be achieved by either eating smaller food portions or spending more time in the gym during workouts. Alternatively, you can replace your meals with healthier options that contain fewer calories without denying yourself the essential minerals and vitamins. In fact, meal replacement shakes and mixes like 310 Nutrition’s have become the preferable way to establish a diet or compliment a weight loss regimen. This is because meal replacement results in reduced hunger and cravings, suppressed appetite for food (eating smaller portions), improved digestion and increased fat metabolism. However, this is only possible if you find reliable meal replacements that contain the right ingredients.

310 Nutrition lemonade mixes and weight loss

310 Nutrition provides various meal replacement shakes and mixes that can be used to complement fitness and weight loss regimens. These shakes contain optimal amounts of fiber, moderate protein and various minerals and vitamins as well as probiotics. No sugar or gluten is included in the shakes or mixes. By taking 310 Nutrition mixes, you will feel full/satisfied for longer and curb your hunger, reducing the need for inter-meal snacks and bites.

As aforementioned, weight loss is all about spending more energy (calories) than you take in. These meal replacements will have you eating less food portions and also contain nutrients that boost your metabolism of fat and improve your digestive system. What’s more, lemonade mixes contain fewer calories compared to other meals and therefore have no impact on weight gain. However, they provide more energy which is required for working out, so you can spend more energy and end up losing more weight.

How lemonade mixes increase fat metabolism

Although 310 Nutrition shakes generally complement weight loss and fitness regimens, it is still important to understand how lemonade mixes aid fat metabolism. The body naturally relies on burning sugar for energy as soon as it is released to the bloodstream. When there is no sugar, the body switches to burning fat for energy by first converting fat to sugar and then oxidizing it to maintain various processes. This metabolism that involves burning fat (rather than sugar) for energy is known as ketosis. You can go into ketosis via a keto diet, or by simply reducing your sugar intake.

310 Nutrition offers no sugar or gluten in their lemonade mixes, so they are ideal if you want to switch to ketosis. Lemon juice is known to clear the digestive tract and increase the absorption of minerals and nutrients. This prevents you from feeling hungry, and also improves digestion in general. Since there will be no sugar to digest, your body will quickly switch to fat to maintain energy supply. By taking in less carbs and fats, your metabolism will be forced to access stored fat in the body to burn for energy. This results in significant weight loss as experienced during starvation.

Lemonade mixes are known to give a feeling of being satisfied and result in suppressed appetite. As you continue to eat less each day, your body will begin to burn fat to maintain your energy requirement. Lemonade also supplies the body with vitamin C which is a natural antioxidant that boosts fat metabolism. In various research studies, men and women who take more vitamin C have been shown to lose more weight. Besides, vitamin C boosts blood supply and flushes out dead cells leaving your body and heart healthy to function optimally.

With improved digestion, halted sugar cravings, reduced hunger and keto metabolism, your body will naturally burn more fat, which is the prime culprit when it comes to weight gain. Nevertheless, you need to make necessary lifestyle adjustments needed to support your weight loss goals. Putting in the effort and determination to resist cravings, train harder and wait longer before your next meal will go a long way in helping you achieve your goals.


310 Nutrition offers an ideal way to switch your body into burning more fat than contemporary diets. While it is not a diet on its own, it offers meal replacement that can be used to enter a dedicated weight loss diet. On its own, lemonade mixes and shakes from 310 Nutrition can be used to complement any healthy living regimen including weight loss and physical fitness. You will still need to take other meals to get all the essential micronutrients not available in shakes and mixes.