310 Nutrition Lemonade Mixes Can Help You Lose Weight by Boosting Your Metabolism


Certain lemonade mixes and lemon juice are known as weight loss drinks that also come with various health benefits. Taking a cup of lemon juice in the morning can help you clear your digestive system and flush other organs such as the kidney and liver. Lemonades also contain very few calories compared to regular meals and will help curb your hunger allowing you to eat smaller food portions during the day. Meal replacement shakes and mixes such as 310 Nutrition’s have become a popular way to enter a diet and compliment weight loss regimens. Such shakes and mixes allow users to take in more nutrients and vitamins without worrying about caloric bulk as they contain no sugar or gluten. Lemonade mixes from 310 Nutrition for instance can be used to help you shed extra pounds and speed up your weight loss goals, but how is this possible?

Losing weight through lemonade mixes

Can you lose weight through lemonade mixes? The answer is yes, but only if the drinks are used to compliment an existing weight loss regimen. It is important to note that weight can only be lost if you establish caloric deficit. This is when you burn more calories than you take in and can be achieved in two main ways: eating smaller food portions or exercising more. If you are living a sedentary lifestyle, you do not necessarily need to trim down your food portions as this can be overwhelming.

Most food items are probably heavily laden with empty calories that only add more weight onto your body. All you need is to eat healthy and avoid the overly-processed ingredients. You can also use 310 Nutrition shakes and mixes to curb your sugar cravings and boost your metabolism. Achieving weight loss through lemonade mixes mainly occurs through improved digestive health and reduced hunger levels.

Lemonade mixes are known to clear the digestive tract leaving it clean to absorb more nutrients. Accumulation of food waste in the digestive tract may prevent your body from absorbing nutrients causing you to feel hungry even when your stomach is fully packed. Lemon also alkalizes the body, reducing the breakdown of carbs and protein that would otherwise increase blood sugar. Lemonade mixes can also replace your inter-meal snacks and bites to curb hunger and sugar cravings without adding calories.

Lemonades and metabolism

Metabolism, also known as basal metabolic rate, is the sole reason two people may each lose and gain weight despite taking the same food and portions. It regulates how the body maintains its functions including heat beat rate, breathing, digestion and energy release among others. In short, your metabolism will determine whether you can gain or lose weight. This is why most weight loss diets are tailored towards establishing a metabolism that relies on burning fat (rather than sugar) for energy.

Lemon juice is known for its rich supply of vitamin C which is a cancer-fighting antioxidant that also repairs and maintains cartilage, teeth and bone. However, it has more to do with your metabolism. Lemonade mixes from 310 Nutrition do not contain any sugar or gluten. The formula provides various nutrients without packing in calories. They also suppress your hunger resulting in smaller food portions. More importantly, taking lemonade mixes will help you remain hydrated and this state is a natural one for appetite suppression.

When you are dehydrated, your kidney will demand more help from the liver, derailing the liver’s capability to burn fat. Dehydration also causes you to have feelings of hunger. Many studies have shown that lemon can increase metabolism of fat. Taking more vitamin C has been shown to result in improved weight loss results and lemonade mixes contain lots of vitamin C. They also increase blood flow to the skin flushing away cellulite and other waste.


When looking for weight loss shakes and mixes, it is important to find formulas that contain natural ingredients with no additives, artificial sweeteners or sugar. More importantly, you should pick a wide range of mixes that allow you to establish a rotational routine with several nutrients, minerals and vitamins. 310 Nutrition lemonades are rich in fiber content that help you curb hunger and cravings while delivering key nutrients to the body. Nevertheless, you need to establish a supportive diet and lifestyle that will help you get the most from meal replacement shakes and your other weight loss activities.