Looking for the best meal replacement shake? Well, look no further. The Isagenix team has some of the best weight loss shakes in the market. Comes the Isalean shake is a multi-packed meal that also delivers high-quality protein. It is also rich in energy fueling carbohydrates, daily vitamins and minerals, and good fats. All these ingredients also help you maintain good health. 

Values & Benefits 

Isalean Shakes are the best protein shakes for weight loss. And there are many reasons to support this. Among the many values and benefits, here are the top reasons that stick out. 

  1. Stay active – Isagenix shakes come packed with 23 vitamins and minerals which all work to nourish your body. Isalean shake also works to support your active lifestyle. 
  2. Build lean muscles -Isagenix shakes also come packed with high-quality undenatured protein which works to support the consumer’s lean muscle growth. You get the maximum results for your weight management. 
  3. Achieve goals – The low-glycemic content and high protein content, 24g, work to support your weight management goals. You will achieve your health goals with ease using theIsaleanmeal replacement shake. 

Isalean shake also comes with many more benefits which you come to realize as you use the product. The Isagenix team strive to get you, the customer, a nutritious, balanced shake that has been clinically tried and tested to promote effective healthy weight loss. Its lean muscle building benefits are also amazing. 

a) It has no trans fat 

b) Has essential trace minerals 

c) Has a superior amino acid profile 

d) Manufactured using only natural ingredients – no artificial flavors or sweeteners 

e) It also has active enzymes which work to help ease digestion.


Isalean shake flavors and packaging 

The Isagenix shakes come in many flavors you can choose from depending on your preferences. These flavors include: 

a) Shake Chocolate Mint 

b) Shake Raspberry Cheesecake 

c) DF Shake Rich Chocolate 

d) Shake Creamy French Vanilla 

e) Shake Peach Mango 

f) DF Shake Vanilla Chai 

g) Shake Strawberry Cream 

h) Shake Creamy Dutch Chocolate 

i) Kosher Shake Nat Creamy Vanilla

The Isalean meal replacement shake comes in different packaging which is mainly in packets and canisters. The packaging used depends on the meal replacement you choose. Either way, you know you have your favorite meal replacement at the best packaging. 

Isalean meal replacement price 

The price of Isalean meal replacement varies depending on the flavor you choose. The price varies between $53.27 and $59.93 which is from the lowest price to the highest when relating the price to the flavors mentioned. You can also opt for wholesale prices or more personalized products. You will, however, need to contact the Isagenix Associate team for more information. 


What makes the Isalean shake unique? 

Aside from the myriad of superior nutritional benefits already mentioned above, Isalean shakes also come packed with the highest-quality whey protein. Plus, it also has its own exclusively sourced Myo-Isalean Complex. 

What makes Isalean shake important for the body? 

The rich abundance of balanced nutrients available in the Isalean meal replacement shake helps to maximize your nutrition. It also helps its consumers track their caloric intake. This helps them to manage their weight and achieve their weight goals. 

How many meals can Isalean shake replace in a single day? 

This depends on the consumer’s calorie needs. Your weight loss goal is also a factor here. But overall, the Isalean shake can replace one to two meals in a single day. 

What if I add fruit or other ingredients to my shake? 

You are free to customize your Isagenix system however you like to meet your needs. You should, however, note that this can increase the caloric content in the meals you take. So, you want to be careful what supplements you add to your Isalean shake. 

Should I eat more if I am an active person? 

Active consumers need additional calories in their meals to fuel their activities throughout the day. For this, the Isagenix shakes team recommends that you swap your regular Isalean shakes for the Isalean PRO shakes. You can also add scoops of IsaPro to your regular shake to increase its calorie and protein content. The extra protein and calories will help fuel your body throughout the day and even as you work out. 

Heart and Immune Meal Replacement Shake Boosters Now Available

Yes! Isalean is also available for the consumers cautious about their cholesterol levels or want to preserve and improve their immune systems for improved overall health. The simple and convenient meal replacement work great and have not been recorded to pose any adverse side effects where health is concerned. 

Stay Connected with the IsaLife App 

Use Isalean and its products on-the-go with the IsaLife app. The app aims to track your weight wellness program. The app also comes packed with coaching sessions that can guide you through your journey of weight management. You are not alone in this fight. The IsaLife App is also available for download for both the iOS and Android smartphones which is very convenient. You can now easily set your goals and track your progress and ongoing successes using the app. 

Final Thoughts 

Comparing the Isalean meal replacement shake to the other products on the market, Isalean shakes top the list. Thanks to its wide array of benefits and no adverse side effects, Isalean ranks the best meal replacement shakes on the market. You will find no better meal replacement shake. So, try it out and make your own judgment today.