Window Treatment Ideas for Valances, Drapes, and Roman Shades


Of late, I’ve been getting plenty of requests for a blog post on window treatments. They come in various options you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here’s a quick guide on the most common types and when they’re used. Are there window treatment stores in your neighborhood? Visit one and see if you’ll find something matching your vibe.

At Best Flooring, they advise clients to go for tailor-made drapery – more so if they’re not on a limited budget. I know that they’re a bit pricey but they’re worth every cent. They give each room a customized polish that speaks volumes about you. The team at Best Flooring carries out test designs in a workroom nearby. However, you can find one in your proximity by browsing Angie’s List. Also, ask friends for referrals.


These are mostly non-functional, where a window still needs treatment. On kitchen windows, for example, use those that look like roman shades but non-functioning since they take less fabric since they do not go up and down. Valances are also used to cover windows with shades that have rollers. They are mounted outside like fabric shades and high up so that they fall over the top of the window.


They’re soft, nice and cozy – that’s why we love them. They introduce ambience. Drapes are best suited for large windows with no radiators. To ensure maximum sunlight into the room, we make sure that most of the drape falls on the walls as opposed to on the window. Place rods near the ceiling. Leaving one or two inches below the molding.

Your best bet is to customize your rods to avoid extending the seams. They stay straight, are sturdy and give you an assortment of materials. Bows that need to be extended tend to bow. For a more modern pleat, European or Parisian are neater and less fretful and do not fan out at the top. Use them with rings and drapery hooks. Drapes topped with grommet are perfect for modern spaces and children’s rooms they can also be easily bought from vendors. Ring clips do not give a clean finish. Back tab drapes are preferable to rod pockets as they can look well done without extending outside the rods. This is one skill that window treatment stores have mastered.

Line your bedroom drapes with material that blocks out light. Lining the drapes in white fabric (linen is a good option) ensures that from the outside, everything in the house matches. The layer is also functional as it filters light for privacy and one can watch TV without having to close the drapes. Alternatively, to avoid layering your drapes with fabric, you can use woven wood instead.

Custom drapes when well done last a very long time and can survive décor alterations. Only make sure you get them in a pattern that will not bore you quickly. If custom drapes are too expensive, a tailor can easily customize ones you bought at the store.


Roman shades are also popular. They can be fabric or woven wood. Fabric shades are great for windows with radiators on walls below or next to the window making it hard to install drapes. There are countless options for roman shades, but relaxed styles are a bit more exquisite. Flat bottom is more ideal for spaces with a masculine modern feel.

For raising and lowering, you can use cordless or continuous loop chain. Shades installed above the window let in more light when raised. When layering shades under drapes, fit them inside the frame. This can also be done where the construction does not allow shades to be fitted outside.

For shades, whites and solid colors are best. They can have banding or trimmed edges or sides to add pop. For kid’s rooms, roman shades with patterns are unbeatable while sheers with patterns are best for bathrooms.

Woven wood roman shades can be used for layering under drapes or alone. When used alone, they add texture. When alone, they should be mounted outside. Use the waterfall style as the ones with valances look fretful.

Fabric roman shades can be mixed with drapes where the room calls for it. Make sure they are in the same fabric though, so that you have a uniform look.

What’s your excuse for not renovating? There are many window treatment stores visit one in your proximity and make the smart choice today.

Finding the right window treatment is very important for perfect room decoration. So keep in mind the purpose of each room and find out what type of window treatment will work best in that space. Remember that you want to let in as much natural light as possible. You want the curtains to complement the room so buyers can focus on the home instead of individual elements.